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6/30にアナログ(CD付き)、7/4にデジタルで発売されるBROKEN HAZE VS B. BRAVO EPのプレビューを公開いたしました。

01 Sundaynite
02 Midnite[BROKENHAZE Remix]
03 Sundaynite VIP

04 Rebuild[B.Bravo Remix]
05 Sundaynite[B.Bravo Remix]
06 Midnite

Olive Oilとのremix対決でも話題となったBROKEN HAZEのVSシリーズ第二弾。今回は、Red Bull Music Academy 2010参加でも話題となり、FriteniteからのリリースやGiles Peterson主宰のレーベルBrownswoodからのリリースで知られるフューチャーファンクビートメーカーB.Bravoがリミックス対決に名乗りでた!

Comment from artists / DJ (will be updated)

“Broken haze vs B Bravo bring future synth funk to the ears with this excellent Ep set to stun dancefloors across the globe. it’s big. without the hype.” – Jay Scarlet (Beat Dimensions)

“when i saw the words broken haze vs b bravo i thought i was just having a naughty dream or something.. but no.. it really happened. Crazy ” – Slugabed(Ninja Tune)

“damn, the shit is dope, them beats are ill! i like special 8bit treatment on every tune. funky!” – Pixelord

“absolutely stunning future funk!! love it!” it’s definitely really my thing bro! thx for sharing cheers man” – Swede:art(Tokyo Dawn Records)

“Sick synth work on the Broken Haze cuts, so much melody. And B Bravo, well B Bravo never fails to amaze. Big release” – DONKY PITCH DJs

“2 of beat music’s best connect to split an ep of great vibes. brokenhaze makes sure to inject just the right amount of glitch and swagger into the ep while b bravo dutifully brings the listener the sexiness we have come to expect. highly recommended!” – +verb(Car Crash Set | Muti | Vermin Street | Simplify | Robox Neotech)

“エモーショナルでグリッチーなBroken Haze、アーバンでメロディアスなB.Bravo。2人の個性がぶつかり合い響き渡る最高に刺激的なフューチャービート!!未来鳴ってます!”